Weekly Diary

July 14th - July 21st 2024

Week Fifteen in Ordinary Time

Sunday  14th July Fifteenth Sunday

Am 7:12-15 Ep 1:3-14 Mk 6:7-13

9.00 Mass - Sara Goya-Teruya 

11.00 Mass - People of the Parish

12.30 Baptism

6.00pm Mass -  Mervyn Darling  RIP

 Exit Collection :  Apostleship of the Sea

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Sea Sunday, 14 July 2024. Sea Sunday is an opportunity for us to remember and say prayers for all the brave men and women who work at sea to make sure we have all that we need. Join us to celebrate Sea Sunday and raise funds which help to provide essential support and services for seafarers who often work in dangerous and lonely conditions. The retiring collection today is for this great cause.

Olton Friary Cemetery Mass & Blessing of Graves, took place yesterday, thanks to all who helped to make this day a great success. Please remember all in your prayers.

St Bonaventure (Monday) was born in Italy. He entered the Franciscan Order. At the University of Paris where he was a lecturer, he met St Thomas Aquinas. He became the General of the Franciscan Order and a Cardinal.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Tuesday) She is the patron of Palestine, and we pray for peace in the land where Jesus was born.

St Kenelm (Wednesday) was said to have been a Mercian prince, who at the age of seven succeeded to the throne of his father, King Kenulph. He was murdered in the forest of Client by the order of his sister, Cynefrith. In medieval England he was universally venerated as a saint and martyr.


First Holy Communion 

Parents of children not at a catholic school and in year 3 or above from   September, please email sarah.wood@oltonfriary.org.uk, if they would like their child to be part of the Holy Communion programme beginning in September.


Mass intentions: we often have Fr. Dominic to concelebrate at 10.15 mass, so a second intention will be celebrated some days.







Monday 15th July

Is 1:10-17 Mt 10:34-11:1

Memorial of St Bonaventure

7.30 Mass - Private Intention

10.15 Mass  – Gerry Eustace RIP

Tuesday 16th July

Is 7:1-9 Mt 11:20-24

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

7.30 Mass - Oliver & Anne Ruane (wedding anniversary)

10.00 Mass - Mary Malone

Please note the change of Mass Time.

7.00 pm - Holy Hour (Day Chapel)

Wednesday 17th July

Is 10:5-7,132-16 Mt 11:25-27

St Kenelm (Opt. Memorial)

7.30 Mass  Alison Ruane -Birthday

10.15 Mass  Patrick Joseph Doherty RIP

11.00-12.00 Prayer Group (Day Chapel)

Thursday 18th July

Is 26:7-9,12,16-19 Mt 11:28-30

7.30 Mass  - Private Intention - Anna

10.15 Mass   Rita Glendon

11.00-12.00 Adoration

6.00pm Evening Prayer & adoration (day chapel)

Friday  19th July

Is 38:1-6,21-22,7-8 Mt 12:1-8

7.30 Mass - Private Intention - Anna

 10.15 Mass  Tony Mc Skeane RIP

Saturday 20th July

Mi 2:1-5 Mt 12:14-21

9.30 Confessions

10.15 Mass – Peggy & Douglas Coshan RIP

Sunday  21st July Sixteen Sunday

Jr 23:1-6 Ep 2:13-18 Mk 6:30-34

9.00 Mass - Thomas Henry RIP  

11.00 Mass - Edward & Maggie Gnych

12.30 Baptism

6.00pm Mass - People of the Parish

 Exit Collection : Guild of St Stephen

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