Weddings and Marriage Preparation

The Church of the Holy Ghost and Mary Immaculate, otherwise and more commonly known as ‘Olton Friary’ is a popular venue for weddings. It is a beautiful church set in extensive well-kept grounds with ample parking. Weddings take place on Fridays or Saturdays. 

The Wedding Team do their best to help and support couples planning their wedding. For information about getting married at the Friary, please contact the team  directly by email 

Please give a phone number and we will contact you. 

When first contacted we ask three questions 

Is one of you a catholic? 

Have either of you been married before? 

Where do you live 

Couples are asked to speak to our Parish Priest after Mass for his consent to them getting married at the Friary. If they live outside Olton Friary parish, they also need permission from their Parish Priest to marry outside their own parish ( there is a section on the booking form for their priest to sign giving his permission) 

Couples are required to attend a Marriage Preparation Course, the Wedding Team run courses at the Friary. 

Parish musicians and choir can provide music to enhance wedding services. Our wonderful teams of flower ladies use fresh flowers in beautiful arrangements to decorate the church, often with a particular colour scheme if required. 

All weddings are carried out with respect in church, we have guidelines that we ask couples to follow. No gimmicks – owls flying across church to deliver rings, pop music or photographers with drones (to name but a few) 

We will do all that we can to make your wedding a beautiful and memorable day 

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