Children's Liturgy

The children's liturgy takes place during the 9 o'clock Sunday Mass. There are two groups. Both groups are invited to gather by the altar rails with the catechist and leave church for about twenty minutes, returning in time for the offertory procession.

Little Church: This is cuitable for children from Year 1 (about aged 5 - 6). Under the guidance of a catechist the children study the Gospel passage of the day through mime, readings and prayer activities. The craft activity is displayed on the Little Church board. Most children attend liturgy unaccompanied but parents/carers are welcome to settle them in if needed. Every Sunday different children participate in the offertory.

Tiny Church - This is suitable for children up to age 5. Guided by a catechist the children follow a programme reflecting on the liturgy through songs, stories and a weekly craft activity. There are toys and books available for the very young. All children have to be accompanied by a parent/carer.

For more information about children's liturgy or to get involved please email Sarah Wood, or Angelika Evans

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