16th June 2019

A family secret      

The Holy Trinity is our shorthand for a story that touches our world, not just a ‘thing up there’: it is a family story of the Love of the Father who sent his Son into our world to bring hope to desperate men and women, and it tells of the Spirit of Love that binds them all together. But this family has an odd secret. The Spirit of Love has drawn people like us  into the family, people who have our own history of sadness, betrayal and dishonesty.

We are not talking ideal families here.

This is what makes the work of Jesus so unique. Men and women who have never known security, friends or peace of mind have been given a place in a Holy Family.  Just like Jesus we have become beloved sons and daughters of the Father, by the gift of the Spirit of belonging.

So Trinity is not simply a mystery ‘up there’, it is a gift that touches us on earth and assures us that we belong. For the lonely, the imprisoned and the separated this is good news indeed. No other world religion speaks of God in this way.

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