Second Sunday in Advent

9th December 2018

Everything crooked

‘A voice cries in the wilderness,’ says St.Luke quoting Isaiah, giving us a haunting image of John the Baptist challenging the world around him.

How many of us have felt like John.. a lonely voice in the crowd swimming against the tide of popular opinion?

Am I the only one in my family who thinks spending time with nearest & dearest is more important than expensive presents?

Am I the only one among my friends who sticks to a regular prayer life through thick and thin?

Am I the only one among my colleagues who thinks that the ‘B’ word has seen the country take leave of its senses?

Am I the only in Solihull who wants more humane treatment for prisoners?

John the Baptist and his plaintive cry has so many echoes in our own world and in our own personal lives.

How to ‘make crooked ways straight’ as John demanded? No easy answers here ... except to take inventory of our own lives.....  (not our neighbour’s!)

And then ask for the help that comes from a power greater than ourselves to sweep away the debris that blocks the connection with our neighbour and our God.

In simple terms:  John told us what was wrong with the world, but only a power from above could put it right.

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