Twenty-fourth Sunday

15th September 2019  

The blessing of disaster Lk.15.1-32

The story of the Prodigal Son resonates with every generation, because all of us can find something in the drama that strikes a chord deep within. Was our own personal history like that of the Son, a catalogue of wasted opportunities … betrayal of family … squandering of talents? And then we hit a rock bottom?

Or do we identify more closely with the elder brother, and have stood by and fretted while other family members made a mess of their lives, and our own faithful service was never really valued.

Or again we may have been the parent in the story and watched helplessly while a child of ours lived for ten years in self-destruct mode, some harmful addiction taking over his life, oblivious to the love and tears of others.

There are two great blessings in this story, and the first is the blessing of disaster. If the experience of falling into a sorry state brings us to our senses and forces us to ask for help, then it is a hidden blessing and a work of God’s grace.

Then secondly our God is just like the Father in the story, ever willing to take us back with open arms whenever we turn to him. Ever willing to let us start again.

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