Dear parishioners

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions we are unable to hold the usual Christmas Fayre which raises essential funds for our parish and school. Instead, the plan this year is to hold a Grand Prize Draw on Saturday 12 December at 4pm, live on Facebook/WhatsApp. We have already had some amazing donations including a weeks stay in a holiday cottage in Pembrokeshire during Easter(worth £1000) a weekend caravan break in Devon, a lawnmower and two £100 vouchers for local venue Platform Three.

Other equally valuable donations would be greatly appreciated. We are also looking to make up Christmas hampers so donations of chocolate, alcohol; new toys would also be very welcome.

1000 Tickets will be sold at £3 each and will be able to be paid for online or by cash payments in an envelope. Once payment is received, a ticket number will be allocated to you. The Prize Draw will be registered with the council and records will be kept of all ticket purchases.

We hope to start selling tickets very soon so would appreciate it if donations could be made as soon as possible via the parish office (telephone 0121 706 0505, email


Details on prizes and how to purchase tickets will be confirmed next week.


Best wishes