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As members of the Welcomers' Team we share the pleasure of arriving early for Mass on Sundays and special times of celebration to warmly greet parishioners and visitors as they come into the church. We offer each person the latest Parish Newsletter with a Hymn book and help in any way we are able by answering questions from visitors. There are now 50 parishioners who work together in this ministry.

If you would like to join us please speak to Fr Wilfred​ or Fr Austin​.


​Welcomers' Team Rota August 2017 to February 2018​


Welcomers Rota August2017 - February 20189.00 AM 11:00 AM 6.00 PM
August20Deirdre S.&Annette A. Geraldine C.&Geoff C. Cecilia C.&Ros S.
 27Doreen M.&Shyno S. Barbara T.&Jim T. Maureen T.&Eddie T.
September3The O'Connor Family Rosaleen N.&Kathy W. Colin J.&Sharon F.
 10Anne C.& Vicky C. Una M.&Mona M. Anne H.&Clare N.
 17Jean H.&Patrick H. Mary B.&Gerald B. Alison H.&Chris .
 24Kate G. & Family Lin C.&George C. Shirley F.&Jim H.
October1Sandra B.& Harry B. Linda M.&Anne M. Cecilia C.&Ros S.
 8Val G.&Kate E. Sheila R.&David R. Sarah B.&Stephen B.
 15Lisa N.&Gaynor M. Mary O.&Val O. Maureen T.&Eddie T.
 22Deirdre S.&Annette A. Geraldine C.&Geoff C. Colin J.&Sharon F.
 29Doreen M.&Shyno S. Barbara T.&Jim T. Anne H.&Clare N.
All Saints Day1Volunteers needed please
November5The O'Connor Family Rosaleen N.&Kathy W. Alison H.&Chris .
 12Anne C.& Vicky C. Una M.&Mona M. Shirley F.&Jim H.
Wednesday 7pm16Confirmation Evening - Volunteers needed please
 19Jean H.&Patrick H. Mary B.&Gerald B. Sarah B.&Stephen B.
 26Kate G. & Family Lin C.&George C. Cecilia C.&Ros S.
December3Sandra B.& Harry B. Linda M.&Anne M. Maureen T.&Eddie T.
 10Val G.&Kate E. Sheila R.&David R. Colin J.&Sharon F.
 17Lisa N.&Gaynor M. Mary O.&Val O. Anne H.&Clare N.
 24Deirdre S.&Annette A. Geraldine C.&Geoff C. No 6pm Mass
Vigil Mass24Volunteers needed please
Christmas Day25Volunteers needed please
 31Doreen M.&Shyno S. Barbara T.&Jim T. Alison H.&Chris .
January7The O'Connor Family Rosaleen N.&Kathy W. Shirley F.&Jim H.
 14Anne C.& Vicky C. Una M.&Mona M. Sarah B.&Stephen B.
 21Jean H.&Patrick H. Mary B.&Gerald B. Cecilia C.&Ros S.
 28Kate G. & Family Lin C.&George C. Maureen T.&Eddie T.
February4Sandra B.& Harry B. Linda M.&Anne M. Colin J.&Sharon F.
 11Val G.&Kate E. Sheila R.&David R. Anne H.&Clare N.
 18Lisa N.&Gaynor M. Mary O.&Val O. Alison H.&Chris .​​