3rd Sunday of Easter 

15th April 2018

Touching Jesus

Lk 24:35-48

Like Jesus appearing to the disciples, many of us bear visible marks of suffering in our bodies. For some it is simply the aches and pains of advancing years: arthritis and poor circulation; for others an occupational illness that meant giving up work; for servicemen a war wound from Afghanistan. While for some women it is the lingering effects of a complex childbirth. The list could go on.

Part of the powerful effect of the risen Jesus was that his body bore the marks of his wounds. Everyone from Mary Magdalene to Simon Peter could see that this Lord knew what suffering was all about, and so could feel their pain.

In our own day some of the anger directed towards believers has a strange contradictory feel about it. People claim angrily not to believe in any God yet are desperate to know that someone somewhere in the heavens feels their pain. For many of our neighbours in 2018, we are the nearest thing they will ever see to the risen Lord. So if we are known as men and women who can feel their pain, and understand their fears, then in some strange way they touch Jesus through us.

The wounds of our history can give life to others, before we even say a word.

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