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Twentieth Sunday of

Year A


20th August 2017

When Jesus had second thoughts


Many a parent will identify with the Canaanite woman who pestered Jesus to do something for her tormented daughter. If you have ever had to become a nuisance to secure good health/ education/ or justice for your child, you may have even imitated her persistence.

The woman refused to take 'no' for an answer and didn't give up even though Jesus initially rebuffed her on the grounds that she wasn't Jewish.  But she goes down in

history as the only person on record who ever made the Son of God change his mind. Jesus, impressed by her faith, relented and granted a healing miracle to this persistent foreigner.

So if Jesus was humble enough to think again could we be inspired to do the same? If our past has been marked by ethnic prejudice, harsh attitudes towards migrant workers or hostility towards strangers, could we have the courage to think again?