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Corpus Christi


18th June 2017

Always there for us

This feast of Corpus Christi began nearly 800 years ago when there were heated arguments about the real presence of Jesus in bread and wine. Back then people questioned: Could this bread really be the body of Christ? Does the priest really hold the body of Jesus in his hands? Can I hold Him in mine? What happens if I am sinful or unworthy? What happens if the priest is unworthy?  

The church took years to find clarity on these questions, but when it did, the answer was clear: Jesus is truly present in bread and wine regardless of my holiness or your intelligence or my neighbour's intolerance. Jesus is there because he promised to give us these things to feed our hunger and he is always true to his promises.

An older generation knew this as transubstantiation, but this technical word simply underlines that Jesus is ever present to us whether we feel particularly holy at this moment or not.

We do not know if the world will last for another 800 years or another 8 million years, but we do know that Jesus will always be there for us because he is always true to his word.