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Third Sunday


21st January 2018

Now is the only time we have

Mk 1:14-20

With Brexit chaos bubbling away in the background, and much anxiety about our NHS, many of us wish that we could live in more settled times. How we long for a peaceful life, when the world could 'get back to normal'. But the fact is that the time we are living in is the only time we've got, so we had better make the most of it.

Jesus' contemporaries shared our longings. How better for them it would have been if the messiah could have come when their land was free …. when fishermen did not have to pay tax to a foreign emperor …and absentee landlords did not exploit the farmers….and the iron fist of the roman army did not strike terror in the hearts of innocent men and women.

But Jesus gradually realised that 'settled times' would never come. The only time we have is now! That is why the arrest of his cousin John, triggered the start of his mission. 'The time has come' he said…' God's Rule is here right now. Change direction and believe the good news!'

And the good news for us? We don't have to wait for quiet times in our country, our city, or our culture. The Spirit is at work in our time, and like Jesus we have to seize the moment.